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a Senior Mobile Engineer

an interim tech lead

an interim CTO

René Kann

I am a software engineer with many years of experience for Mobile (iOS / Flutter) and web, including knowledge of the "full-stack" of web technologies for frontend and backend services.

As a developer and technical lead I managed various projects for well-known, multinational clients (e.g. Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Museum, Autostadt / Porsche AG, ImmobilienScout24, BKK VBU) and lead teams of varying sizes (between 5 to 15 persons). Having worked in a usability agency for many years and being extremely self-motivated with a strong interest for „usable“ products which are balanced with a technical design for a long term use.

What I can help you with:

  • Building a MVP
  • to (further) develop an app
  • as Interim Tech Lead / Interim CTO
  • with refactoring, introducing testability, performance issues
  • Mentoring

Currently not available until: for the time being


03/2021 - today

Senior Engineer (permanent)

Kubernetes Flutter RabbitMQ eHealth CI/CD B2C

Realization of (mobile) applications in the field of eHealth and the digitalisation of the health care system with a focus on "Joy of Use". Establishment of processes for sustainable software development and clean code principles.

  • Mentoring for developers (coding standards for apps)
  • Maintenance and further development of the infrastructure
08/2019 - 12/2020

Freelance Senior Mobile Developer / Interim Tech Lead

Kubernetes Flutter RabbitMQ Keycloak eHealth CI/CD Redux B2C

Support for the realisation of (mobile) applications in the field of eHealth and the digitalisation of the health care system. Implementation of an app for insured persons of the BKK VBU to get in contact with your health insurance company and to be able to complete tasks. In addition to the app (flutter), the complete stack was realized on the basis of Kubernetes and various individual services. These services were connected to established standard tools of health insurance companies (e.g. 21c of BITMARCK) to provide data for policyholders.

  • Interim Tech Lead for VBU platform
  • Mentoring internal developers (Architecture / Coding Standards)
  • Realization of the Flutter App and implementation of various services operated with Kubernetes
06/2019 - 07/2019


Paternity Leave

Expanding the key skills bouncing, calming, encouraging, doing laundry and getting along with little sleep.

01/2019 - 05/2019

Freelance Senior iOS Developer + Consultant

Successyou GmbH (Part of OSF Digital)
Salesforce Swift Couchbase B2B

Maintained an app for a large multinational corporation of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates which was used by a large group of sales representatives in Europe. The app was highly reactive, connected to Salesforce backend and used Couchbase lite for local persistence. I migrated the app and related frameworks to Swift 4.2 and gave architectural decisions and recommendations.

  • Salesforce SDK / Salesforce with iOS
  • Used Couchbase lite for local persistence
  • International Team
10/2018 - 12/2018

Freelance Senior iOS Developer + Consultant

Free2Move (Groupe PSA)
Objective-C Swift Migration Workshop B2C

Working in an English speaking environment I supported with test-driven implementation of a complete new feature for multi provider registration. Did the architectural decisions and recommendations, gave a workshop about introducing testability for the overall project and helped migrating from Objective-C to Swift 4.x

  • Introduced testability and gave workshop about testing
  • International Team
  • Migration from Objective-C to Swift
01/2018 - 09/2018

Freelance Senior iOS Developer + Consultant

Swift Objective-C Test-Driven AWS Migration B2C

Working in an English speaking environment I supported with test-driven implementation of new product functions using Swift / Objective-C and MVVM, MVP in biweekly sprints for the ImmobilienScout24 App. I also consulted in evaluation of new product ideas, feasibility study to connect external service providers.

  • Implemented new feature to generate realtor leads
  • International Team
  • Migration from Objective-C to Swift
01/2017 - 12/2017

Freelance Senior iOS Developer + Consultant

BitingBit GmbH
Objective-C Swift Firebase Neuentwickung Mentoring MVVM B2C

Support in maintaining an iOS app for a leading German multinational automotive company. Implemented new features in weekly sprints, performed code reviews and refactored several parts of the app to reduce technical debt. I also implemented an app (from scratch) for visitors of congresses to manage their favorite lectures, asking questions to the referents and reviewing the whole event agenda. The app uses Google Firebase as backend, the main architecture is built upon MVVM and set its focus upon offline capabilities to deal with bad network coverage.

  • Maintained app for automotive environment
  • Mentoring mobile developers
  • Build swift app for dentist exhibition from scratch
05/2011 - 12/2016

CTO + Mobile Lead

UCDplus GmbH

Technical lead and manager of various projects for well-known, multinational clients (e.g. Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Museum, Autostadt / Porsche AG). I implemented iOS apps as lead developer as part of a team with varying sizes like the Daimler AG Entertainment app, the Daimler AG Jobs app, an app for the Porsche AG for the new opened Porsche pavilion at the Autostadt Wolfsburg. Besides, I lead the development team and optimized the processes and procedures of the development stack.

06/2006 - 12/2010

Founder and CEO


We implemented rich internet applications (RIA) with Flash, Flex and web applications for various national clients. Main focus was developing customized content management systems and individual web apps.

05/2007 - 01/2010

Freelance Idea Engineering

Zephram GbR

I worked as idea engineer for the Zephram GbR, moderated workshops and developed product ideas.

06/2006 - 10/2009

Freelancer for RIA and Web Development

Schroeder + Wendt GbR

Implemented rich internet applications (RIA) with Flash, Flex and Silverlight and web applications for various larger clients. Created a prototype of a possible online video analyzing and editing tool with Silverlight for a presentation at the Cebit 2012 together with Microsoft.




Objective-C, Swift, Flutter, Redux, Cocoapods, Carthage, Xcode, Dart, JSON, Fastlane, Dependency Injection, MVVM, MVP, MVC, Broadcasting Pattern, VIPER, Unit Testing, XCTest, Core Data, Native Apps, Salesforce SDK, Couchbase lite, PromiseKit, Tesseract OCR, Git, Browserstack

Team Lead

TDD, Rapid Application Development, Scrum, Clean Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, GitHub, Gitlab, Project lead, Agile Development, Jira, Confluence

General Development

Node, NPM, Grunt, ReactJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python 3.x

Backend / Infrastructure

REST, AWS, Serverless, MySQL, Kubernetes, Prometheus





Professional working proficiency


Elementary proficiency


08/2005 - 05/2011

Dipl.-Ing. of Computational visualistics, focus on mechanical engineering

Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Thesis: Acceleration of computerized decision making processes with pairwise comparisons based on sorting algorithms. (grade 1.8) Open


René Kann

Senior Mobile Developer | Interim Lead


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