visuReal Pro iOS App

To guarantee a high visual acuity an optician not only has to select the right glass, but must also adapt it perfectly on the pupil. In order to determine the visual point we developed an iOS app for iPad, which calculates the relevant data for ordering the correct glasses based on two photos of the spectacle frame right on the device without network connection.

The app was developed as a white label solution, that can be customized via a web service, which provides relevant assets and language files for a branding.

My task was the technical design and development of the app as well as advising the management of Ollendorf measurement systems.


Ollendorf Mess-Systeme


Objective-C, Swift, Cocoapods, Fastlane, Git, In-App Purchasing, on-the-fly language change, Xcode server, HockeyKit, Markdown


2015 – today